Mocking Firebase Cloud Functions in React.js with Jest

I am a beginner in Web Development and I finally decided to learn how to test my apps. I had a simple application with the common stack React.js, Webpack and Babel, plus Firebase Cloud Functions for the back-end. I decided to go for testing with Jest and React Testing Library and I started by following this tutorial, which was pretty good to get solid start. I followed the whole tutorial but I run into troubles when I wanted to do integration test and I had to mock the cloud functions: the test would not call the cloud functions, and anyway it would be better to mock any API calls. After going through the Jest documentation and various Stack Overflow posts I reached a working solution, which I illustrate below.

First the real code we are going to mock

Here the example of the real cloud function we are going to mock, stored somewhere separate from the front-end code and loaded into Google Firebase Cloud Function service:

const functions = require(‘firebase-functions’);
const admin = require(‘firebase-admin’);
admin.initializeApp();exports.cloudFunction = functions.https.onCall((data, context) => {
try {
…. do something here…
values = {
returnValueOne: ‘valueOne’,
returnValueTwo: ‘valueTwo’,
} catch(err) {
throw new functions.https.HttpsError(err.code, err.message, err.details)
return { values }

This is the real (not mock!) firebase.js file:

const firebase = require(‘firebase’);
const config = {
// Initialize Cloud Functions through Firebase
const functions = firebase.functions();
export default functions;

This is how I would call the cloud function in the code:

import functions from ‘../../firebase’;
…some code here…const cloudFunction = functions.httpsCallable(‘cloudFunction’);
cloudFunction({ data })
.then(result => doSomethingWithResult(
.catch((err) => {
setModal({ open: true, message: err.message });
…some code here…

The solution with the mock code

The solution is based on the Jest Manual Mocks for Node modules ( First create the __mocks__(case sensitive) directory, which has to be adjacent to node_modules directory, then inside __mocks__ create firebase.js which is going to mock the firebase module and contain the mock function.

The content of /__mocks__/firebase.js :

const firebase = jest.genMockFromModule(‘firebase’);firebase.initializeApp = jest.fn();const values = {
returnValueOne: ‘valueOne’,
returnValueTwo: ‘valueTwo’,
const data = {
const cloudFunction = jest.fn((testValues) => {
if (testValues.value === ‘Valid value’) {
return Promise.resolve({
return Promise.reject(new Error(‘Error message’));
const httpsCallable = jest.fn(() => cloudFunction);firebase.functions = jest.fn(() => ({
module.exports = firebase;

I have a file where I keep all the test runs __tests__/app.test.jsx and now when I simulate the click on the button firing the call to the cloud function, Jest runs the mock firebase with the mock function. Here is an example of the test file:

That is it, I could not find a tutorial about this topic when I needed it, so I hope this can be useful to other web developers. If this tutorial helped you, you can thank me by buying me coffee.



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